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Account Customization

Account customization or “set-up” is basically implementing what the client needs in terms of topics, data collection, interface, content updates, and documentation.

The "set-up" service includes (but is not limited to) the following activities:
  • Creating the client’s account and installing the patient education topics selected by the client
  • Organizing the topics and arranging them under client-specific categories
  • Configuring the system to update content based on the client’s preferences
  • Selecting one of our standard interfaces or custom-developing one for the client. The interface determines how a topic is searched for, how it is assigned, and what look-and-feel it has.

If the client opts to document patient education, the staff at the Patient Education Institute will:
  • Configure the system to print handouts and informed consent support forms as specified by the client.
  • Configure how topics are assigned to patients.
  • Configure the system to document patient education based on the client’s preferences.


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